Thursday, September 30, 2004

Leaf Attempts Parenthood, Fails Miserably

Well, I decided to get off of my "lazy ass" and post another story. [Damn Arrhythmia breathing down my neck :D] This story takes place in Biloxi, Mississippi, on the air-force base there. This is right around the corner from where "Mr. Grasshopper" happened. After a hard day of water-skiing, eating pizza and playing FarCry, it's time for some sleep. We're freakin’ tired. Leafblower, Arrhythmia and I, are people who enjoy sleeping in. Morning time rolls around and each of us wakes up to an open handed smack in the fucking face. A limp, relatively unpainful slap. I thought I was being assaulted by geriatric homos. But, alas it was Arrhythmia's little nephew. We'll call him Tard-Baby. This baby is never unhappy. When I have a kid, I want it to behave like this one. He's always begging for hugs and shit. Well, Tard-Baby takes a particular liking to Leaf. Every time Tard-Baby tries to get Leaf's attention, he gets ignored. Leaf acts like the baby will give him flesh eating virus. Later that day, the three of us we're having some conversation before leaving. Tard-Baby sneaks up on Leaf for some huggins. Leaf freaks the hell out, he jumped away like he got cooties with a very stern face and started his weird ass chuckling again [He does it a lot and it’s like the only way he laughs]. I was half expecting Leaf to start throwing punches. The funny thing is, I think Tard-Baby could have taken him. So among the many things Leaf does not like, babies are up there with bugs I suppose.

I feel sorry for Leaf's future children.

"Daddy never hugged me!"

Atreyu4301: pretty short
sXeSicnessForevr: haha lazy fuck
sXeSicnessForevr: hahah
Atreyu4301: LMAO


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