Monday, September 27, 2004

Sweet Dreams Little Leafblower

Let me start off this story by telling you another… Leafblower does not like bugs. When I say he does not like bugs, I mean he is deathly afraid of insects of any kind. He’ll jump out of a moving vehicle if there happens to be a bug flying about in it. On the 4th of July, Arrhythmia, Leafblower and I are at the Texaco putting gas in Arrhythmia’s truck. Leaf and I are sitting outside the truck while our companion is in the store. A few moments into some random conversation about lesbians or whatever it was we were talking about, I notice this big-assed june bug on the ground. I quickly dismissed the thought of throwing it on Leaf. Although hilarity would surely ensue, my conscience wouldn’t let me, for a while anyway. As Arrhythmia was walking out of the store I decide to go for it. I pick up the june bug, make sure Leaf sees it, and start chasing his ass with it; he fucking freaked. He took off running and threw his cap at me shattering his American Flag lapel pin he was sporting on the bill. He was pissed, but Arrhythmia and I got a kick out of it. Now I told that little story to tell this one.

On the trip us 3 amigos took to New Orleans, we were staying in the Best-Western hotel near the airport, there are two beds to a room. Leaf and I shared a room, and Arrhythmia was supposed to take the extra bed in his parent’s room, this did not go down well. So Leaf, being the good friend that he is, agrees to bunk up with him. I got a bed to myself, there was no debate in it, for the simple fact that I slept on the floor the first night there, (a whole different story). Anyways about two hours after the sleeping arrangements were made, Leaf was sound asleep. Arrhythmia and I are always up late so we’re watching some TV. Half way into our show we hear some mumbling from Leaf’s side of the bed. We turn on the light and look over, and Leaf is mumbling to himself (he’s asleep by the way). As we watch him, I kid you not, he screams out "bugs!" and about four seconds later, catapults himself four feet off the bed, right into the wall. Now, there is about a 1 and ½ foot gap between their bed and the wall. So after hitting the wall, he then falls into the crack and gets stuck. We rush over and peer down to see if he’s okay. He’s all twisted up and cramped into a little space. We were laughing so hard, I thought I was going to vomit. We helped our disturbed little friend out of his hole and proceeded to ask him what the hell he was doing. He muttered, “I was dreaming about bugs, and went back to sleep. Arrhythmia and I laughed so damn hard for two days proceeding that. To this very day, when asked about this, Leaf-blower denies everything, he claims not to remember, but we were there, we know what happened, and now all of you do too.


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thats great.....i still wanna know how he launched it the air like......i wish i could have seen it

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