Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Hot-Tub Incident

This little tale is the result of a story Leafblower told Arrhythmia and I some time ago. It turns out that one night a while back, Leaf and this "girl" he met had a few drinks and were pretty much in the mood, [So he told us]. Anyways, Leaf and "The Chick" made out a bit and she was apparently going to do him a "FAVOR". But "The Chick's" mom or aunt or whoever it was came home early from where they were at. So no play-play for the Leaf Meister. Leaf was 17 at the time, and I believeI remember him telling us that she was 15. No big deal, just a simple story right? WRONG! This is the part of my tale where Arrhythmia's incessant assholishness and Leaf's storytelling habits come back to bite Leaf in the ass.

So, there we are, on the cruise ship, bored as hell, watching fucking Fern Gully: The Last Rain-Forest [8 fucking times]. Anyways, Arrhythmia finally had enough of being cooped up in our little cabin and expressed that he wanted to go to the hot-tub. Leaf and I happily agreed. We were all three single at the time, and the prospect of cruise-booty was to much to pass up. So, we get in our trunks and head over to the pool deck. We approach the hot-tub, and not surprisingly it's full of girlies. These particular girls were marginally cute, no, I mean beat as fuck... Perhaps a bit young for us, but we decided "What the hell."We were sure we could at least have a little fun messing with these girls. So, we ask if it's alright if we join them. They examine us, whisper amongst themselves, and then happily agree to our company. We hop in, and not two minutes into whatever conversation we were having Leaf has these chicks laughing their asses off. They were kind of annoying. Keep in mind that the particular cruise line we went on boarded in the deep south. So, all of the girls had that annoying ass southern drawl. And that funky ass half-retarded laugh. But what the hell, like I said, they were marginally cute [X], and undoubtedly interested in us. Well, it was going great, we were having fun, laughing and everything seemed to be going great. Right? WRONG AGAIN! Arrhythmia has a tendency to go somewhat overboard when he's telling a story.I have no clue how this came across, but right as things were going awesomely, Arrhythmia shouts out, "Oh yeah, Leaf. What about that drunk 15 year old girl you took advantage of! HAHAHAHA!" I was in fucking awe. Everyone just looked at Leaf. Complete and utter silence befell the hot-tub. There was a short time of abismal silence with some chit-chattering here and there, but not like it was before. Then, without saying a word, the girls got out and left. Not even really a goodbye, just a pitiful glance back at Leaf. We didn't talk for the next ten minutes [or that's what it seemed like]. Just three guys, silently sitting in the hot-tub with blank looks on our faces. When all of a sudden, this big ass group of black guys rolls up to the tub. We didn't want to look racist or anything so we stayed and tried to make small talk. We talked with these southern Snoop-dogs for about 30 minutes.To this day I still couldn't understand what in the fuck they were talking about. I think it had something to do with cock-fighting and fried chicken. But, what the hell, who knows? Well, we finally had to bid our African-american friends a fond fare-well, and we went back to our cabin. We didn't talk much for the rest of the night. Perhaps it was trying to decypher what the fuck those black dudes were telling us. Or maybe it was Arrhythmia's Leaf comment. But, we watched Cheaper By The Dozen like twice before finally falling asleep. God, I hate Bonnie Hunt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO....that was great...n1

10:46 AM  
Blogger Last_Serenade said...

jeeeez are an ass, couldn't let leaf pimp it with the beat girls could ya? haha

but anywho...still funny shit

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn are a MEANIE. scared away the little girls. lol. Buahahaha...poor leaf although I dont know him....


1:39 PM  

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