Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Leafblower and Arrhythmia Venture Into 'Gang Territory'

Right-o, here we go. Leafblower and I had taken a trip, a trip to Bakersfield College some five months a go, (by the way, this was our first time going). BC is a community college some thirty minutes away from where I live. Now, when I go to BC, it takes a lot of patience, seeing that there are several different routes you can take to get there. Eventually though, you seem to always end up on the 178, (excluding if you take 7th Standard).

Okay, we took the thirty minute trip up there and got lost because Leaf was confident in his "sure-fire directions". These directions actually got us goin’ the wrong way [insert smartass remark here]. Finally, after thirty more minutes of searching, Leaf and I arrive at BC to take our assessment test. This test was to see where we would land in the English/Math/Reading sections of the school, or basically to see if high school taught us nothing. We figured we did pretty well and after wising up to Leaf's directions idea, I decide to find my own way home. I went and thought I would take Haley; that would soon make itself clear that that was a bad choice of reason.

It is now around 8 or 9 at night and it's getting pretty dark, so, me, in my infinite wisdom decide to drive down the road with my windows down and my music blaring. [*Side note: I'm on the East side, don't EVER do that on the East side when listening to metal/hardcore/whatever; they don't like it]. So I'm heading South on Haley, I didn't really know that you could get on the 178 West at the intersection, being new to the area and all, so I proceed forth taking Haley as it turned West. When we turn west, the road turns sorta hilly and we start passing all these old and dirty houses and like gas stations. All of a sudden Leaf decides to freak ...

Leaf "Oh shit! This is the Loooma territory!"
Me "The what territory?" [He said it in that terrifying way that you see in horror films, and the way he emphasized and exaggerated it into a long drawn out "Loooooma" scared me even more ...]
Leaf "The Loma territory!"
[*Side note: Loma means hills in Spanish]
Me "What the hell are the Loma?"
Leaf "It's a gang around here, I would know, I used to live around this area ..."
Me "Holy shit!"

I then decide that music was going to go "bye-bye" and I shut off my radio the second I heard the news. I then went on to roll up my window; Leaf followed suit. Leaf then decided to bombard me with a story about the area. I was already tweakin' out because, well, if you couldn't tell, I'm not a fan of the 'gang-area'. He decided to tell me this:

Leaf "This guy was driving down this road, right around where we are with his windows down, when all of a sudden this guy jumps in through his window WHILE THE VEHICLE WAS MOVING, stabs him and then throws him out of the car and takes it."
[**I don't know if that's exactly what he said, but it’s the essence of it**]

With Leaf's new told story and my new found terror, I drive as quickly as I can without driving too fast over the speed limit like a gremlin on crack. I'm lookin' this-a-way and that-a-way, spottin' Mexican after Mexican, [reminder, it is dark], and wondering to myself "Is he a Loma ...!" We finally make it to Niles and I have no clue in hell where I am, so I flip a U and take myself back to Columbus with the same twitchy eye thing goin' on. My only thought was "Why did he even have to tell me that!"

Finally we make it back to Mount Vernon and I take the 178 West home. I'm so shaken up by this that I sorta just daze out. I don't remember much of the rest of the night. Needless to say, I don't go that way anymore when I'm leaving from BC. Sure I'll take Haley, but screw the westward shift in the street; it's the 178 from now on.

One good thing did come out of it though, I tested into English B1A, the highest reading course, (Reading 6 I believe), and Math Analysis, even though I took it already. Leaf did well too.

Well, that's it ...Leaf and I survived our trip to the 'gang territory'. Sadly, we acted like babies the whole time we were in it.


Blogger Last_Serenade said...

haha, man i just got a great mental image of that night...who would have thought that it could be bad to blast metal in a gang area....not me....hahaha. Well i'm glad u didn't get stabbed and thrown out of ur vehicle....cuz...that would be....bad.....

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude i wish i was there i wouuld have screamed out of the window...dirty lezboz....long story for they who dont well at school bell rang gtg see yeah

9:49 AM  

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