Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Leafblower Vs. The Fag

Lemme get into this story with a little bit of information coming from about 6 years back. A guy I knew, known distinctively as "The Fag", [aka TF], went to Jr. High [Warren] with me during my 7th grade year and the first half of my 8th grade year before transferring to Thompson Jr. High [supposedly]. Ok, well, in Jr. High, everyone basically made fun of him for being ...well, different, or should I say gay? Well, he always denied this, but there was always some sort of indication that he was, well, lying.

Fast forward to my senior year of high school, TF transferred from some LA county school of Arts or some bullshit back to my school in Bakersfield. Well, I was sorta surprised to see him, seeing that I haven't seen him in close to 4 years. To tell you the truth, he sorta looked the same; same height, size, even the same queerness. I sorta felt bad for making fun of him all those years back, so I decided to talk to him. He had a lisp to his voice [seriously, I should have figured] and was all wavery like a fag.

Now let me get this one thing straight, when I say fag, I'm not trying to be rude to gay people, but he was seriously just that gay. I'll give you an example:

My friend Oigres is gay, he acts, talks, and does shit any other guy would do, except, he's attracted to men [*shivers*]. TF is different by this standard, he talks like a chick, he walks like a chick, he comments on stupid bullshit only girls would be offended by, and he just displays himself like a woman. There you have it, the difference between gay and fag.

Well after establishing a sort of communication with TF, he meets my very good friend, yes, you guessed it, Leafblower. Over the course of my senior year, I encountered, as well as heard several different meetings between Leaf and TF.

Encounter 1:
TF [Walks up to area where Leaf and others are sitting and gets bombarded by insult after insult]
Leaf [Makes fun of TF again]
TF [Angry, faggish voice] "Sometimes, I just wish I could set people on fire with my mind!!!"
Leaf "Then we'd all be flamers dude?!"

Encounter 2:
TF was explaining to us the fundamentals of being gay, like his sex life. I didn't know it was possible for someone who looks like him to have a sex life.
Leaf "So TF, when you're doing ...that ...what position do you play?"
TF "I do a little of both, pitching and catching."
Leaf & Arrhythmia [Stare in disbelief and start laughing uncomfortably, that's some nasty shit]

Encounter 3:
Leaf was walking down the hall when he sees TF across the way.
Leaf [Raises hand to wave] "Hey TF!"
TF [In most feminine and lispy of voice] "Hey you!" [As he says this, he flicks his wrist in the usual fashion]
After doing this, Leaf decides to bust a nut laughing and tell everyone he knows, including me ...twice.

Encounter 4:
Leaf "TF, you're such a fag."

Never in my life have I seen such hostility and hilarity from two people meeting and conversing. Hey, you never know, maybe these two were meant for each other [sorry Leaf {Laughs}].

[**We had one other encounter at our graduation, but all we did was say hi and take a picture. When I actually find this picture, I'll make sure to post it. Also, you may have seen TF on television, he was on the Doctor Phil show...I feel bad for him, he's had a rough life**]

P.S.: Atreyu4301: I hated [TF]. {That's Diljner}


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