Thursday, September 30, 2004

Diljner Becomes Lazy Ass; Leafblower Encounters Fags [Again]

Diljner is being a sluggish, lazy bastard, so I don't really know when you'll see a new post from him, but most of you who read this because of my work I figure. So here you go, a new post from Arrhythmia!

This will probably be a quicker story than normal, seeing that Leafblower basically told it to me. No, I'm sorry, he saw it happen and wrote it down on some note cards [rolls eyes].

::Leaf's big story::

Two fags get on the bus; one looks like a wino. He has a tall can in a paper bag [beer]. The other is a youthful tattooed gangers looking fag.

This Is Their Story

Gangster Fag "We're going the wrong way!"
Wino Fag "Oh, just enjoy the ride."
GF "The last time you told me that I got AIDS!"
WF "Oh, shut up!"

Wino fag gets up and talks to the bus driver. He realizes they are on the wrong bus. As he gets off he tells his lover...

WF "Come on..."
GF "Don't tell me what to do!"
WF "Then stay on the bus and go to Foothill. You always do this to me in front of people..."

Lord that was a gay story. You know what, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to unleash this plague of queerness onto you. And remember! Leaf wrote that, not me.


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