Monday, October 04, 2004

Follow Up; Crutches with Stairs Equals No No

As promised, I am going to put up the picture of Leafblower and The Fag. I found this picture after quite a bit of searching; it's a picture at our graduation.

Don't they make quite the couple?


Okay, this will probably be a shorter story, depending on my time.

Now, remember when you were young and you found something of interest and did something incredibly stupid using said object. Well, this is my story of me finding some crutches and then doing the most brilliant thing with'll soon see.

When I was 8 or 9, my mother had hurt her ankle at her job and was given some crutches by her doctor. Well, a few months had gone by and she no longer needed the crutches. During this time of my life I was very curious and found the crutches to be somewhat entertaining. [Side note: I lived in a two story building] Well, my parent's room was upstairs with the crutches and my room was right next door. I grabbed the crutches and was playin with them, tryin to balance myself, seeing that I was about 2 feet shorter than I am now [6'1]. I walk myself on them to my room, back to my parent's room and *bam*, it hits me ...LETS TRY GOING DOWN THE STAIRS!!!! You can almost see it, I'm taking the crutches right to the first step, put one on the first step down and attempt to put the next one on the following step; big mistake. Since I am so short, I can't reach the next step and i find myself falling face first down 10 steps right into the wall. Thank you Jesus our staircase was broken off into two parts. There I was, face flattly planted into the wall, right below the window, crutches sorta lying there, and me, whimpering to myself trying not to move. The pain wasn't all that bad, but the embarrassment was. My parents were somewhere around and actually saw me. Whooops. Oh well, lesson learned right? Nope, I had another accident on that same stairwell, but I'll tell that one a little later.


Blogger Last_Serenade said...

man...the scary thing is...i can still picture you doing that now (at ur current age)...funny image really...

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the Leaf-Blower. Funny Story. I had a similar experiance w/ stiars. When I was 4 My brothers and I were playing Marco Polo in our apartment. Since there was no water they blind folded me and tied by ankles together. I just happened to be by the stairs saying "Marco." When out of left field I hear "POLO!!" needless to say one of my brothers pushed down the flight of stairs.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude the only thing i did with crutches is i had a pair and my and my friend started playing with them by hiting each other and then i got smacked in the face and we stoped it still hurts thinken about it......pain...chopsticks out......

9:53 AM  

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