Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Almighty Rating System

Throughout the time I've known Leafblower, we have done many stupid things, as well as many memorable ones. We have talked about things that may be taboo to the most religious and even to the most dispicable. But, after many times of talking about other things, we decided to create our own scale of 'hotness'. This pretains to girls in all degrees and our scale is probably used in the same sense by other guys, so don't say we stole it or whatnot because, well, we just created it one night in mad hilarity.

Leaf and Arrhythmia's Scale of Hotness:

6 - Oh man, I'd do her...
7 - She's fuckin' hot
8 - Wow, she's beautiful
9 - I'd marry that girl
10 - Beyond words...ever

Hehe, I bet you're wondering, "But where are numbers 1-5?" There is a very simple explanation for this... See, if you're within the 1 to 5 rating, you don't even deserve to be rated, you are that fucking bad. If you want us to rate you like that, we have 'technically' made a scale for that, but it's too cruel. *smiles* Maybe when I'm in a nasty mood I'll post it, but for now, this is all you people get.

Oh yea, P.S. - My mom says that this scale is degrading to girls and that I shouldn't even mention it to them, ever, but sadly, her advice was not taken, as you can already tell. Plus, I don't see the degregation in this scale, in fact, I think it's gold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm an 8!!! hahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that's freaking high-larious! you knowz it fool i'm hot stuff so watch out! brisa is a sexy wench too!

1:25 AM  
Blogger Last_Serenade said...

hah, i remember you telling me of this scale before...funny shit man. Hooray for degrading girls...yeah... ~J

2:44 PM  

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