Thursday, October 14, 2004

Time Out For Pain

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, school just got a shitload easier and I'll have more time to do the dirty.

Anywho, this won't be so much of a story as what happend tonight, because, well, it was noteworthy.

Remembering Never Set:
-Sang into the mic during 'Incisions'
-Forgot most of the lyrics...

The Black Dahlia Murder Set:
-Sweated like a beast
-Threw water on crowd
-Grabbed singers hand, twice
-Sweated profusely [occured during the all of the last 3 sets]
-Elbowed in the throat [note: I got hit in the adams apple]

Terror Set:
-Moshed [here comes the real fun]
-Busted my lip
-Headbutted someone
-Elbowed in the nose
-Elbowed in the lip [same spot as before, loosened my tooth]
-Jumped on JR and Leafblower, forcing Leaf down several times
-Pushed and beat the living shit out of crowd as that...did it to me

Unearth Set:
-Sang parts for 'Failure'
-Got thrown around a lot and vice versa
-Got in the pit, punched/swung my fist into three people's backs
-Had a kickass time

Neck/back/lip/nose/forearm [bruise]/head

I think I got away pretty clean, but then again, when they come next year, I'll be waiting...


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