Sunday, October 24, 2004

Mo' Money Mo' Problems

Have you ever been tempted to do something you knew was completely and utterly wrong, didn't want to, but just felt like it had to be done? Well, we all have had this dilema one time or another, but Leafblower and I just had it happen just two days ago [Friday, morons].

As it can probably be deciphered from the title, our little conscience tester dealt with money, and lots of it. When I mean lots, I mean well over 400 dollars. The story basically starts off like so: The Leafster and I were at the 3-D Arcade in the mall, like usual, playing KoF '01 and '03, getting our asses beaten by a guy here and there, and takin' each other down in fair amounts. Well, this seemed just like an average visit, no problems or surprises. This time, I decided to bring some unspent tokens, so I didn't have to get any out of the machine, but I did go by it, and nothing seemed awry. After the twenty or so minutes that we spent there went by, we started to leave. [Leaf always gets tired of playing after losing a few times, usually, but he seemed bored more easily that day]. Well, as we are exiting the doors, Leaf takes a sudden detour toward the change machines. I am completely oblivious to this and continue walking. Thinking he was behind me, but really talking to myself, I realize the little bugger [hah] is really infatuated with said machine. Well, it turns out the bastard notice that it was open...yes, completely open with oodles of cash. We then encountered the dilema stated in the beginning of this. What did we do? What do you think, we had conscience issues...

Me "What the hell are you doing?"
Leaf "Dude, check this out..."
Me [Questioned look]
Leaf "It's open."
Me "...the hell?"
Leaf "It's full of money."
Me "Did you take some?"
Leaf "No."
Me "Do you want to?"
Leaf "I was thinking about it..."

The truth is folks, Leaf and I are too honest for our own good. There is no way in hell we would take that money. I mean, I egged him on to do it for a little bit, but it came from little kids and their parents who played games there and plus it belonged to the mall [Side note: there was a huge stack of ones and an even bigger stack of fives, with quarters to spare]. Neither of these were the main reason we did this...

Leaf "...I dunno, it wasn't open before, maybe this is on one of those Dateline Specials."
Me "Haha, maybe..." [Looks on ceiling of arcade for cameras, spots none]

After a few more minutes of telling each other to take the money, but then thinking no, we shouldn't, we look around and check out the Mod Hatter across the way to see if anyones looking, no one... Well, after looking inside of it, checking around, and then looking in again, we decided to tell the people at the haircutting place, since the buzzer for the arcade guy didn't seem to work. They didn't know what the hell to think at the hair place, so we just chilled at the arcade for a little bit longer. Still looking for those damnded Dateline cameras, we found out we could actually lock the big ass machine and then we went on our merry way. Leaf kept talking about it like he regretted not doing it. I sorta did too, but eh, I'm human. He was talking about paying me back with it or buying a hat or some shit, I dunno. The rest of the day was normal after that. It just goes to show you, Dateline makes you fuckin' paranoid...hahaha...

Conversation of the Moment

This occured today with a fellow co-worker of mine [MexicanaBlanca] on a recent new-hire.

Me "Hey, you know how you said there was an ugly girl and a hot girl who got hired? Well, which is which?"
MB "The fat one is the ugly one..."
Me "So the skinny one is the hot one?"
MB "Yea, 'cept she's sorta busted."
Me "Her nose is busted."
MB "Her face is busted."
Me "Now, by busted, you mean ran over by a car..."
Me "From before, by hot, you mean ran over by a car..."
MB "Yea, basically..."

God, isn't it a wonder why some people think I'm a jerk?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo how much do you think was in that thing.........nice story though so see yeah

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... seems like something I would do.By the way,'re not a jerk...just honest. Brutally honest.


3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww i'm just a white lil mexican... haha you need to update dude! oh and pump out some t-shirts... i want on! aight aight imma go to sleep cuz i have the usher meeting in a few hours... adios!


2:25 AM  

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