Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Grenade In [Ear] Tragedy

Alrighty, so let's venture back to July 4th of this year. It was a grand 'ol time, Leaf, Diljner, and I were spending the night over at my house making all sorts of 'firework' goodies. Well, it just so happens that after all of our fireworks were used, we decided to get creative. Not that creative, mind you, since about half of the teenage population was doing this, but we started to make Piccolo Pete bombs. Can you say w00t? Well anyway, we started making them and I was all to new to the 'sport', so I had to be taught. Well after like 5 minutes, I was basically a pro. I was makin' bombs left and right and we were blowing them up like no body's fuckin' business. Well, we sorta had a competition going on who can make the best bomb. Well, Diljner had a big explosion, I had a loud ass one, but Leaf, took the fucking cake. Not that his was all big or loud or anything, cause, well basically, his sucked nuts, but it did do one thing Dilj's and mine didn't, it made a basket in my basketball hoop; now that's fucking talent. Anyway, this went on for quite a while and I kept making bombs because I was now addicted. I would put 2 piccolo petes in, then 3, then 4. After that I stopped because it was now 11 o'clock, [I seem to be cursed at this time of night], and I lit my quad stacked piccolo bomb. I walked inside to get a drink when I heard the biggest fuckin' explosion. Apparently, I woke up four of my neighbors, it was that fuckin' loud...

Yea, basically, that was our cue to stop all the madness and go on to doing other things, like eating and sleeping, you know, typical guy shit. Well, we also had to stop because I woke mother dearest up, and um, she wasn't too pleased. Seeing that my mom was pissed, we collected the remaining 29 Piccolo Petes and they are now stored in my room, in fact, I'ma use them tonight, *evil* hehehe... Well, our night was technically over and all seemed to be said and done, till I found the popper jiggs, you know, the things you throw on the ground and they *pop*. This night was not used to throw them on the ground, though, but it was going to be a night used to throw them at each other. Yes, 'twas going to be a magical night. Welp, we got going, and it seemed to be me and the Dilj-er against the almighty Leafblower. Seems unfair? You bet your ass it was. So we're going at it, you can see the visible fear/anger in Leaf's eyes at his "unfortunate" predicament, and he was going to go out in a bang, or so he thought...

So, it's 11:10 and the poppy jiggs are flying through the air, we're having a good 'ol time, then .....I do what I always do, I grab about 20 of the suckers and throw them all at once. Can you even guess what happend? Leaf takes about 10 direct hits, one of which seemed to hit him directly in the right ear. His ass dropped like a fuckin' rock on one of my neighbors driveways and his glasses go flying. Diljner and I went into shock, we stood there, eyes wide open, mouths dropped, and looking at each other for whatever explanation we could think of. Then I go and be an ass and decide that I should unarm the injured Mexican. So, I run up, and start stepping on his popper jiggs so he has none left and I take the ones from his hand. His ass isn't going to surprise me with some popping pain. We then question him to see what happend. Apparently, when the popper hit him in the ear, it fucked up his equalibrium and he blacked out and fell. Diljner and I cracked up. We were laughing a good three minutes before we started to help him. After that, the night pretty much died and we went on our merry ways. After the incident though, we ragged on Leaf for about a month. I swear, that shit will never get old.

Atreyu4301: haha
Atreyu4301: your referring to when we assaulted [Leaf] on july 4th correct?
sXeSicnessForevr: yes
sXeSicnessForevr: very much so
sXeSicnessForevr: haha
Atreyu4301: LOL
Atreyu4301: he got effing pwned


Blogger Last_Serenade said...

man you guys are evil...i luv it :D makes for good reading ~J

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

poor leafy poo... omg i saw the new girls at work today and all i could think about was...
my goodness... i was hired solely for the fact that i was eye candy... sad but true... thanks a lot caesar... mk imma go laugh again at your post...

11:18 PM  

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