Saturday, October 30, 2004

Sometimes Friends Are Beyond Annoying

You know, my friends and I are a pretty tight group, we all know each other and get along great. There is one slight problem though, my friend, who's more of an acquaintance rather than a friend, CompulsiveLiar. He is a cool guy, but it seems like he tries to hard, and Diljner, Leaf, and I swear he lies to us constantly. He gives us bullshit times and then changes it last minute to an earlier time to fuck up our fun, told us his psychiatrist has Halo 2, which, may I remind you, isn't even out till November, seems to have a falsity in every story he tells us, not to mention that he says the girls he knows are hot when, in fact, they are beat as all hell. Now that I gave you an insight to Liar, I'll give you today's little plight [for me].

Today started off well, I woke up around 10:30, since I have denied myself major sleep the entire week, [as happens in all weeks]. Well, I start to clean my room around 1 PM and I get a phone call, can you guess who it is? Well, first of all he starts talking to me about his problem, which I will not go into, and then my hell begins... He proceeds to ask me if he can hang out with me today and I reply that I am busy, very busy because it is my mother's birthday and my buddy Tony's birthday. This means I'm booked for the entire day and can't do shit. Well, Liar doesn't accept this and continues to try to manipulate me with the "I'm leaving for a month," bullshit so I'll crack; guess what, didn't work. Anyway, I give him the truthful excuse that I'm extremely busy and must run personal errands and see how tomorrow is going to pan out. Well, he fucking CONTINUES to ask me if he can just 'hang out with me while I run the errands', and I again say no. Something in him does not click that I don't need nor want him around today. Finally, after several minutes of dodging his questions, he lets me go....

Close to fifteen minutes later, I get another call, not to my surprise, it's Liar. Apparently, he is desperate to get out of his house and barrages me with 'can I come with you please' bullshit a little more. I like the kid, but when I say no, I mean it. Oh my God, he doesn't get it! No matter how many times I say no, he just won't accept it. He then asks what makes my errands so 'personal'. I was going to say, "Dude, do not question my reasons," but I decided to be cool about it and just say, "Dude, don't do this to me, please..." He apologized for some reason and thus ended conversation number two.

I was again happy and sorta getting my room clean when I heard that dreaded noise again... *Ring ring* ...Fuck... I go and get the phone and the irritation must be somewhat noticeable in my voice. Liar seemed to think that it was his duty to piss me the fuck off today because he was getting the job done quite well. So we talk...again about the fuckin' hangin' out and I'm like tweakin' out, trying to let him down gently, but wanting to faceplant his fragile psyche into the cement floor. Well, after this goes on for a little longer, he finally asks me about Halloween night and what I'm going to do. I tell him that I'm chilling with Diljner and two other mighty fine ladies, [if one of them imperticular shows up], and he gets all giddy or some shit. He then asks me if he can come. First thought in my head, "He is NOT going to fuck this up for me." So I tell him that it's not my call and that he must call Diljner, since it was originally his idea and that it will be at his house. I didn't lie, don't judge me *smiles*. I proceed to give him Dilj's number so he can call his house and get his work number from Dilj's half-retarded sister. I told him that if he came in touch with the Dilj-meister, that I'll talk to him about it, and not to Liar, but he thought that was an open invitation to call me again. *sigh* Come the fuck on!

Five minutes later, I'm about to shoot myself. *Ring ring* ARRRRGGGHHH!! "Hello?" By this point, you don't even need me to explain who it was. He just calls me to tell me that Dilj says "no, he can't come..." I'm in heaven and think that I'm in the clear. Wrong-o... So we discuss this and how I should use my favor with the Dilj and get Liar in on the gig. That was not going to fuckin' happen if I had anything to do with it. He kept saying, "Let me go, I'll bring that girl from before..." No...she was beat anyway. So I finally get him off the line and start to finally clean, when the phone rings again. God hates me this day for some reason. Is it because I listen to music that swears or because I use racist words sometimes just because I'm a moron? I don't know what his reason was, but he hasn't got to smiting Liar for calling me four times already. Anyway, this time when he called he told me that Dilj said "Yes, I can come." *Blank look of despair and anger* I wanted to kill Diljner right then and there. There was absolutely NO reason for him to do this to me, in fact, to himself, what was he thinking?!

I then talk to Liar about what's going to go down and make it my goal to drive over to Dilj's work and 'talk him out of this', because I didn't know his work number. So after Liar finally hangs up, I get my room done, finally, and my dad came home and gave me even more errands to run. So I go and do what I set out to do in the first place, I confront that fucker Diljner. After arriving at his job and saying "Hi" to his grandmother, who is his boss, I get him to go to his office and proceed to ask him, in only the way I could, why the fuck he let Liar in on the fun for Halloween. He seemed a, disheveled. He didn't know what I was talking about. I then asked him if Liar had even called him. He told me no and we got a good laugh out of it because, well, that's why we call him CompulsiveLiar. I then proceed to tell him how Liar called me five times within a 45 minute period. He seemed upset with that as well as entertained. After we got our laughs and, *ahem* 'comments' out, I left and went to do my errands. I was glad the hell was over.

Did I mention God hates me today?

After I get home from doing my chores, er, errands, I begin to work on my mother's birthday card. I hear the phone again and run to get it [my father's asleep in his room and wouldn't try bothering to get it]. Guess who it fucking is... "Hello, oh, hey Liar..." Apparently, he wanted to call and apologize about his super-disrupting calls earlier. I told him not to worry because I was merely bothered and not angry. So he goes on about what's going on on Halloween. I asked him again if he had talk to Dilj and he lies to me again and says yes. I then tell him what's going down, again, and he tells his mom. I can hear in the background what he is saying and am stabbing myself at his every word.

Liar "Mom! Shut up and listen to me. Can I go and hang out with [Arrhythmia] tomorrow? We're going to watch 'Dawn of the Dead' with him and [Diljner] and, and....that other guy...
Mom "[Leaf]?
Liar "Yea, him. It's going to be around 6 or 7 tomorrow and it's going to be at [Arrhythmia]'s house."
Me [Holding on the phone] "Uh..., no, it's at [Diljner]'s."
Liar "Here talk to [Arrhythmia]."
Mom "Hi [Arrhythmia]."
Me "Uh, hi, anyway, what he just told you was wrong. It's not going to be at my house, it's going to be at [Diljner]'s house and the people he said were going to be there was wrong too. It's going to be me, [Diljner], [Dilj]'s girlfriend, and [unnamed]. Also, I can't give you a definite time on when it is going to be because we aren't sure ourselves. But, like I said before, I don't know how it's going down because it's going to have to be up to [Diljner]'s grandmother. Also, again, I must remind you that I'm not sure on the time either, but it should be around then.

The whole time I'm just regretting leading her on like this because of Liar's obnoxious habit of, well, lying.

Mom "Thank you [Arrhythmia]."
Me "Not a problem... Bye..."
Mom "Bye."

The conversation with Liar is insignificant after that and I go on with my drawing of my mother's birthday card. Arg, I didn't know what to do. After talking to Liar's mom, I told him to call Diljner at his house around 7. Proceeding this, I tell Dilj that Liar is going to call and to "Let him down gently, please." He promptly agreed and we went on our merry worth. Hopefully, our plan will pan out. If not, this is going to suck ass for Liar. Hell, it's going to suck for him anyway...
Atreyu4301: I can't wait for [Liar] to call
Atreyu4301: I'ma pwn his ass
sXeSicnessForevr: hahaha
sXeSicnessForevr: be gentle fucker
sXeSicnessForevr: or ill rip you a new one
Atreyu4301: I'll gently pwn him


Anonymous Anonymous said... seemed pretty annoyed. Heck...I'd be annoyed too. He invited himself cute...but sad. Sounds pretty annoying. Damn kids. How do you pwn someone gently?


6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wanna buy that movie... maybe that's what i'll do today... im gonna go watch a bunch of scary movies!!! yeshhhhh!!! mk im bored and i said i'd leave comments... so ya here ya go coolio foolioz!

1:20 AM  
Blogger Pants said...

I just wanted to tell you what a great job you are doing at whoreing out your site. Almost brings a tear to my eye...

1:55 AM  
Blogger Last_Serenade said...

*note to self don't call Arrhythmia 5 times in 45 min.* ~J

2:53 PM  

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