Tuesday, December 07, 2004

StupidWhore is Named; Declared a Dick

Let me start this section off with an apology for the last post. I don't know if I was in a bad mood or if it was because it just wasn't a good story, but the last story I wrote sucked the big one. I plan on going back and revising it, but in the meantime I will write this one.

Alright, this story dates back several months ago, when Aliens v. Predator came out, in fact, that was the last movie I saw. Now, as many of you know, I work at a movie theatre [Edwards], so I get free movie tickets and thought it would be nice to take Diljner to the movies [hahahaha, sounds like fuckin' date *wink*]. I walked in with Diljner and decided to introduce him to StupidWhore because he plays Counter-Strike with us, and I wanted Dilj to know exactly who the nub I was calling my friend was. So as we walk up to him, he seems to be serving some customers, no big deal, we've talked many a conversation about things two insane people wouldn't talk about, ...in front of customers.

Me "Sup [StupidWhore], how's it going?"
StupidWhore "Sup [Arrhythmia], things are goin' good. You?"
Me "Oh, [points] I'm going to see Aliens v. Predator with [Diljner] there. You know him, he plays CS with me."
StupidWhore "Oh, okay..."
Me "Well later bro, I'm off to see the movie-"
StupidWhore "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M HELPING SOME FUCKING CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!" [I turn to Diljner and give him the biggest "what the fuck?" face you could possibly create with the muscles in your face]

I was completely taken aback by this outburst of anger. As StupidWhore said these words, he gave me and Diljner the worst stink-eye I've seen in a long time. It looked as if someone had bit off his dick and he was out for blood. Yea, it was that bad...

Me "Whoa bro, sorry, I was just saying bye..."
StupidWhore "Well, next time, don't..."
Me [Look of confusion...we always talk with customers around...starts to walk away]
Diljner "Whoa..." [His face showed the mass confusion that mine had done not five seconds before]
Me "I don't know what the hell is up."
Diljner "That guy's a dick."
Me "Usually he's not, but wow, yea, he's a dick."

A few hours later, Diljner and I walked out of the movie and proceded out the door. I avoided any eye contact with the douche master behind concessions, I had had enough of his pissiness for one day. I thought, "maybe when he gets the sand out of his vagina, then maybe I'll talk to him..." From that day forward, Diljner had the worst impression of StupidWhore. I've heard of bad impressions, but he just couldn't have done it worse.

Shortly after this incident happened, Diljner and I began writing the blog and I wanted to give another one of my co-workers, MexicanaBlanca, the name of StupidWhore, [she didn't even seem to have a problem with this name either], but Diljner declined, saying that "[StupidWhore] should get that name. Yea, he's a douche." I notably agreed and thus his name had been created and all was good. That'll teach him not to be a fucking fag in front of my friends that he doesn't know. He may regret it in the end.

Now-a-days, Diljner has no problem with StupidWhore, well, not as big of a problem. We all play CS at eZone, time and again, and we have a pretty good time. Now is my time to piss that mother fucker off though, because I flash his skinny ass so much, he fucking screams and starts tweakin' out like he overdosed.

What a fucking cunt...


Blogger Diljner said...

HAHAHA, *golf clap*... Kudo's Arrhythmia, you captured the douchey essence of that night very accurately. Now, it's off to some source for me. Good day fuckers.

11:00 AM  
Blogger BloodDrain said...

Hahaha.....what the hell was up his ass?

12:19 PM  
Blogger BloodDrain said...

well apparantly my last comment was in fact "gay" *ahem* thank you dan, and by the way I must say I have neglected this blog for quite a while. Sowweyz.

Anyways...you seem to use the words 'vagina' and 'cunt' a few times...what is going through poor danny's little mind? Well, I've only played counter-strike once and suck at it horribly. I would go in the opposite directions. Hahaha...but in deed...blah forget this, too tired.

Much Love,

12:25 PM  
Blogger mexicanablanca said...

omg that's so fucking funny... he's such a puss... ahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing.... oooooo that's good that's really good

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who wants to have sex with a guy who has sand in his vagina raise your hand!!!


2:01 AM  

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