Friday, December 24, 2004

Yea... Being Me Sucks Sometimes

I know I've ranted a lot about bad drivers, but I am not dumbfounded that I have found yet another reason to bitch and complain about these terrible nuisances.

Now, yesterday I picked up the Leafblower to hang out with him a little bit and have him help me clean the house just a little bit. I gave him an option to do the laundry [just folding] or if he wanted to clean the kitchen. He opted for laundry and it ended up taking him an hour and a half to get that shit done. In the meantime, I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and my bedroom. Anyway, the day played out like usual, we went by the mall to play at the arcade, but it was a hellhole thanks to the Christmas Season, so it took forever to get a parking spot. Actually, besides playing KoF, we also went clothes shopping for me. Yea, I know, that's really weird, since I haven't really bought new clothes in close to a year. This is just all the shit we did that led up to me being super pissed at yet another Mexican driver.

Alright, the time is close to ten o'clock, I think, and I'm driving North on Gosford, heading towards Truxtun Avenue. I had asked Leaf earlier which way we should take home and gave him two options, he chose, and it ended up being the poorer of the two choices, resulting in a longer trip home. This time, I asked him if we should go down Truxtun or Rosedale, but this time, no matter what he said, I was going down Truxtun, it's just faster. So,I get into the left-hand right turn lane to manuever from Gosford [or Coffee Rd.] to Truxtun and I begin my turn next to this guy in a huge old van. You know the ones, built like tanks with the little ladder on the back...yea. Well, as I'm turning onto the two lane Truxtun, Leaf suddenly says, "Uh, [Arrhythmia]..." I look over and that big ass van that was turning next to me drifts half way into MY fucking lane and fucking sideswipes me. I am now in complete disbelief to what had just happened. Seeing my dispair, Leaf automatically tries to cheer me up.

Leaf "Dude, [Arrhythmia], I'm your witness! I'm your witness! He was totally in the wrong."
Me [Silence]
Leaf "Yea dude..."
Me "I guess this is your Christmas present to me, being my witness, oh yea, and the fact you weren't going to get me anything anyway." [He chuckles] "Plus you owe me for paying for your haircut today."
Leaf "I was going to grab your wheel, but I didn't think that would be a good idea."
Me "Yea, we didn't have anywhere to go anyway. If I turned to the left, I would have went head-on into traffic. Oh yea, if you would have touched my wheel, I would have given you the What the Fuck[?] speech."

I get the guy to pull over and I get out of my truck and realize that my passenger side-view mirror is completely ripped off. I send Leaf off to fetch it out of traffic [hahaha]. He brings it back and the mirror is no where to be found, so I am left with a big hunk of useless plastic. Right as Leaf returns to my car, the guy gets out of his armored tank and comes out to confront me. This guy was roughly mid 50s, possibly early 60s, Mexican, and seemingly very incompetant in the ways of the English language. He knew how to speak it, but I don't understand slurred Spanglish gibbering that well. Idiot. This guy gives me a baffled look and starts the conversation off like this:

IncompetentMexi "What were you doing?"
Me [When he says this, I am completely taken aback and opt for the sarcastic answer] "I was WATCHING you hit me..."
IncompetentMexi "Hrm..." [He gives me yet another idiotic look and I suspect he doesn't know what the fuck to do. I'm fucking 18 and have never been in an accident and I ask for his information first...what a cunt]
Me "Hrm? What do you mean 'hrm'? You hit me!"

He walked over to his van and looked at it to see if there was any damage done. He sorta scans it and then says some shit about how the front bumper over his wheel is "scratched." I failed to see a scratch, but it was pretty dark and I wasn't up for an investigating...I'll leave that up to his insurance company. He then walks over to my truck with me and we examine it together.

IncompetentMexi "I don't really see anything wrong with your truck."
Me [Calm and collected, yet really pissed off] "Um, well for one thing, my mirror was ripped off and um see those collections of giant [fucking] scratches? Yea, those weren't there a two minutes ago." [I then touch the side of my truck and the paint disintegrates off of the door and covers my hand....I showed the guy and he just shruged it off...Gah, this guy is a total mother fucker]
IncompetentMexi "I really don't see much damage done."
Me [God smite his retarded ass for me...please? I then look at him in disbelief...fucktard *sigh*]

Leaf then comes up to me and comments on how I'm really calm about all of this and seemed weirded out by it. I asked him why and he said that he would be freaking if this happened to him, oh yea, and that I'm normally a spaz. Go figure. I then proceed to get this guy's information and somehow, I don't get his insurance information. I am a fucking moron...a COMPLETE fucking moron. I eventually got it about an hour later after calling like seven different numbers [this guy had terrible, terrible fucking handwriting. He blamed it on the darkness when he was writing, I blame it on the fact that he's a dumbshit].

We finally complete all of our shit and head off. I continue my way to Ms. Sarcasm's house [that's where we were headed in the first place] and once I get there, I called my parents. Yea, bad move, very bad move. Let's just say I got chewed out to the fucking highest degree. I then spend thirty minutes of my time calling this douche to get his insurance information. When this is done, I spend another hour and a half talking to his insurance company. Let this be a warning to all of you. Watch how you drive, accidents are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more trouble than they are worth. After this time, Ms. Sarcasm tells her mother what went down and she goes all apeshit and decides to take me on a tour of the neighborhoods to find this guy's house so I could get his license plate information. She do I say this....she drives like a gremlin would with ADD, hyped up on PCP, and having drank about seven or eight Monser Energy Drinks. This is only one reason why I don't drive with other people. After we did our investigation and I got to almost hop a fence to get that shit, we went home and I got to deal with all the shit at home. It wasn't all that bad...and I got to go to Diljner's to have a LAN party. That story will come later. I'll actually post the pictures of the damage to my truck in like a week, so I can get the film developed.


Okay, I'm done...

Stupid incompetent Mexican bastard...ruined my truck...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

God damn it really sucks to be you! JK... well I can't wait for me to have an accident sometime cause I would go medieval on anyone who hits me or even almost hits me! *starts thinking the time when I almost got hit with the red shitty ass car* oh well, and I would bitch at the insurance company to hurry their mother fuckin ass up!!! theyre fuckin ass slow!!! shitty drivers can kiss my ass! no offence to the ones that are my friends :-D


3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:21 PM  
Blogger mexicanablanca said...

i've been in a couple accidents in my day... no comment...
i'm dreadfully sorry about your beautiful truck dan! i know it was your pride and joy! dont worry about the mexican't...i've got sweet hook ups and he'll "magically" disappear in about a day or so... gotta love the mexican mafia...

2:45 AM  
Blogger Diljner said...

I wouldn't put a hit on him... Dan's truck gave him AIDS... you gotta watch who you rub your van against.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Sarcasm's Hunger Force here...

When you came over to my house it seriously looked like you were contemplating murder of anyone darker than khaki. *sigh* I'm sorry about the truck, babe. *hugs n love*

If you need any help with all the mounting bullshit to come, let my mom know. She's as good as a lawyer.

11:34 AM  
Blogger BloodDrain said...

OLk, so I know I was supposed to leave a comment yesterday but I had to go home...(We dont have internet at my aunt´s house)

Anyways....that sounds like my grandpa...hahaha but grandpa looks eyes ad everything...asshole nonetheless...poor Dan!Is your truck better yet?

Look out for mexicans specially OLD ones, they can{t drive and they have really bad attitudes and whatnot...its ugly...but sory I cant think. Gotta go now.

12:17 PM  

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