Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ah Denny's, How I Love Thee

On Saturday, Leafblower and I took a lofty trip over to the local Denny's, located on Gosford, not 2 miles from my house. Anyway, we get there and I wait to order our stuff since Leaf took his sweet time figuring out exactly what he wanted. Bastard. After we order, we talk a little bit and I start to get bored, so what do I do? I grabbed my napkin and asked Leaf if he had a pen. Sure enough, he did, and I proceeded to draw a picture that was in a perfect likeness of ourselves. As you can imagine, it was a masterpiece:

After I was done using my Picasso like skills, I showed the picture to Leaf and I couldn't have hoped for a better response. He started laughing his tiny little head off causing me to start laughing furiously.

Me "What do you think of the picture?" [Laughs]
Leaf "Oh, it's great! I glanced over...one of them looked like a palm tree. I guess that was you..."
Me "Did you notice the detail that I put in it? Look how I did your teeth."
Leaf "Is it just the front ones...?" [pause] "You mother fucker..." [He says this as he's laughing]

When he said this, we started laughing even harder, to the point to where I couldn't breathe. It was ridiculously funny to us, when someone else could have seen it and thought we were retarded children who escaped from an institution. Leaf didn't want me to get the last laugh on this one though, so he decided he would draw a picture of us as well.

Leaf "I can't draw as good as you, but I'm going to try..."
Me "What? I drew stick figures..."
Leaf "I know."
Me "I wasn't even trying to draw right there dude."
Leaf "Oh, well....that's still better than I can draw."

He was being serious.

If you can't tell, I'm on the right....

In the middle of drawing, I stopped him and said:

Me "You didn't give me one..." [Refering to a penis]
Leaf "Look, I can make you either a tranny or a woman..."
Leaf "Tranny, huh..."

He then drew me a penis. I realized I looked like a girlscout with an extra little something that shouldn't be seen. It didn't offend me, in fact, it made me laugh like mad, but...it's just a little creepy that he drew it that way. I was also a tad confused on why he drew my face different than his.

Me "Why does your face look like that, but mine looks normal?"
Leaf "Look [Arrhythmia], I can't make my drawing PERFECT!"

He said perfect ...hahahha.

After this, we stole some napkins from another table and ate our fine Denny's food. It was grandoise. We shall do it again, and hopefully, we'll have another story.

Oh yea...Leaf mentioned 'El Burro' in his picture. For those of you who don't know, it means 'The Donkey'....hahahahahahaha...so gay...

MEvsMYSELF73: love the drawings
bLacK0psmAfiA: the first one, we thought, was the best
MEvsMYSELF73: yours?
bLacK0psmAfiA: yes
MEvsMYSELF73: they're both good...urs is simple and and his is creative
MEvsMYSELF73: both with the same message....
MEvsMYSELF73: u both have big egos
bLacK0psmAfiA: we're gay fags
MEvsMYSELF73: lol, jk
bLacK0psmAfiA: hahaha
MEvsMYSELF73: that too
bLacK0psmAfiA: lawlz